Pathology Labs In Thane

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Pathology Labs In Thane

Alliance provides a wide range of Pathology services in Thane. All laboratories are extremely well equipped with modern ‘state of the art’ analysers linked to a central computer system. Equipment and operating procedures are common to all laboratories ensuring that Alliance provides a standardised and seamless service to all service users irrespective of which laboratory they use.

All Alliance laboratories work to national Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) quality standards. Regular assessments by external auditors assess laboratory compliance with the published standards and ensure that the service provided meets the needs and requirements of service users. Since it’s formation, Alliance has embarked on an ongoing programme of service change and modernisation. With quality at the heart of its operating principles Alliance has focused attention on the introduction of novel continuous improvement (Lean) techniques to further streamline services in the pursuit of providing ‘world class’ services that meet the future needs, demands and requirements of patients and all service users alike.


Dr.Rajesh Ingole

Dr.Nitin Kudalkar

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