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General Checkup for fitness in Thane

Homeopathic service is a part of the Alliance hospital and offers homeopathic treatment and craniosacral therapy as the basic therapeutic modalities for trauma healing. Other therapies are recommended according to individual need. Homeopathy is so effective in posttraumatic healing because homeopathic remedies directly enhance the inherent healing capacity that exists within every person.

Here at Alliance we have been using homeopathic medicines to assist in post-trauma healing and in reducing the pain of many types of trauma:

Burn injuries, old burn scars
Recurring and/or non-healing ulcers that have formed after a burn or other injury
Non-healing wounds and bed sores
Head injuries, blows, and concussions
Hemiparesis, hemiplegia after cardio-vascular stroke
Back and spinal injuries
Conditions arising from birth trauma such as cerebral palsy and delayed development Fractures, non-healing fractures
Post-surgery healing-general surgery, plastic surgery,skin grafting,cleft lip and cleft palate repair, brain and spinal surgery
Post-delivery healing
Minor injuries such as sprains, insect bites and stings
Sports injuries
Bruises, lacerations, puncture wounds
Post dental treatment healing
Mental and emotional trauma
Toxic effects from drugs


Dr. Anil Kumar Rane

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