Patient Guide


Availability of specific Doctor & services.

1. At what time a particular doctor will be available for consultation.
What is his consultation fee?

2. Charges for all services.
Patient or attendant may ask for charges for available services like Consultation, Admission, Pathology or Radiology etc.

3. Expected recovery time and bill.
A very common question by patient or relatives is “How much time it will take to recover, Will I/he/she be normal after treatment (surgery) What could by possible bill value so as he has to look after finance required to support patient’s treatment.

4. Requirement for Mediclaim for CASHLESS HOSPITALIZATION.

For planned surgeries Mediclaim approval is taken in advance. for this we have send estimate for cost of surgery, medicines and hospital stay expected on prescribed form of company along with insurance details of person given by Insurance Company
In emergency We need ID proof, Insurance companies card with policy number so that hospital can send the information and get authorization about bill payment
In Mediclaim few items are not allowed and 10% surcharge of bill will not be allowed and same is to be born by patient or relative.

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