Patient Guide


A speedy recovery can be influenced by the hospital’s surroundings. That’s why our inpatients receive special care with the comforts of home. During the day all patients are supervised by our qualified specialists, as well as family doctors; at night they are monitored by on duty physicians, and by specialists or the family doctor if necessary.

Our hospitals’ bed strength is 75, spaciously laid out in four wards, including general rooms, twin-occupancy rooms, single occupancy AC and non-AC rooms and deluxe suites. Patients are constantly supervised by their admitting consultants, supported by a team of resident doctors and nurses.

A Our indoor procedures include a dialysis unit, where regular treatments are offered by cheerful staff to chronically ill patients.
Our I.C.U. consists of an 8-bed intensive care unit equipped with three ventilators and a multi-parameter central monitoring system.

What makes Alliance a novel hospital is that its intensive care facilities for monitoring serious

patients are offered irrespective of a patients paying capacity.Hence, well-to-do patients and poor villagers avail of similar treatment in our I.C.U.

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